Walkthrough Observation Software
... The Administrative Observer

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The Standard Edition   * Easily document your classroom visits
* Create high quality feedback in a variety of formats
* Extensive standards-based template library - ready to use or to customize!
* Database of performance indicators included
* Easily modified to reflect your district’s priorities
        and locally approved language
* Analysis component not included (see Professional Edition)
The Handheld Edition   * Superb for walkthroughs
* Greatly increases the convenience of recording your thoughts
* Companion to the standard edition (required)
* Use any supported handhelds or smartphones from
    Blackberry Android Pocket PC
    iPhone / iPod Palm Windows Mobile
    iPad IPAQ Dell Axim
The Professional Edition   * Document classroom visits, then analyze completed observations
* Create summary documents and graphs
* Express trends and central tendencies
* Guide data-driven school improvement & professional development
* Includes the standard edition at no extra cost!
What would I need?   * Guide to the most appropriate version for your needs
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